CBBC is a very caring congregation and many people are cared for in many ways. In this Ministry a group of carers intentionally follow up members of our congregation who are not in a Home Group. (It is presumed that those in home groups care for each other) These people are shared out among the designated carers and we follow them up if they are away or have health issues. This caring is done in many ways: visits, phone calls, cards, to name a few. Five people mark the roll each Sunday morning so we can keep track of who is away for longer periods of time. It is our aim to make sure no one “falls through the cracks”. As we are not trained counsellers, any problems too big for the carers is referred to the pastor or elders. Under the umbrella  of the Care Ministry, there is a list of people who are willing to supply meals (on a roster basis) for people who are sick or otherwise incapacitated or in need. Members of the Care Group (and others) also drive people to medical appointments if they are unable to do so themselves.

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